Thursday, January 26, 2006

Head banging

Head banging….

So, I’m sitting here in my cube at work listening to the best band in the world, RUSH, just bobbing my head to the music when it hits me that I’m almost 40 AND I’m acting like some groupie at a rock concert.  This makes me wonder; when I’m 50, this song (or groups of songs) will make me bang my head, will I??  When I’m 60, I’ll want to bang my head to the music… will I???  Will someone sitting next to me while I’m playing air-drums and banging my head at 60 think “You go grandpa!” or “Someone call an ambulance, this old man his having a seizure!”

I wonder about stuff like that.  I’m almost 40 and I still can get caught up in a FPS (First Person Shooter game) and spend hours playing.  I’m in a gaming clan that the average age is in the low-30’s.  Am I SUPPOSED to be acting like this at my age?!?!?!  If not, WHAT AM I to act like??  I’m an educated man, not overly intelligent, but educated (2 BS degrees and 1 Masters degree), so I ask: Do others like me act like me?

Cheers,Bill (Prince)

Domestic Spying

Domestic Spying….

I think it’s interesting that the Democratic Party thinks the NSA and other branches of the government have nothing better to do with their time than to sit and listen in to Aunt Mary reciting her recipe for banana bread.  Get real people.  The only people that were affected by this were contacts linked to terrorism, phone numbers found in cell phones of captured terrorists and the like.  Hundreds of millions of phone calls occur every day; the chance of your phone call getting listened in on is very remote.  Unless you use some nice key words that would spark the computer to kick out your transmission, you have nothing to worry about.  As a matter of fact, if you’re a law abiding citizen, you don’t have anything to worry about any way.  According to a book by Dan Brown (Digital Fortress) Wall Street was targeted for attack that was thwarted by these types of interceptions (  I think it’s a small price to pay to live with the freedoms we all take for granted.  Especially if the government can catch these kinds of plots BEFORE they come to fruition.